2012 Press Releases

  • To Understand Childhood Obesity, Researchers Look to Inactive, Fat Rats

    Released July 24, 2012 - Despite dramatically increasing rates of childhood obesity and a growing awareness of its consequences, researchers still know little about why children become obese and how it contributes toward a host of problems in adulthood. A new article reviews dozens of studies on animal models of childhood obesity, suggesting that these models contribute knowledge impossible to attain from human research. Read the article and our press release for more.
  • Multiple Births Lead to Weight Gain, Other Issues for Mouse Moms

    Released January 30, 2012 - Study in model that mimics human effects of multiparity (giving birth more than once) finds mouse moms who gave birth four times accrued significantly more fat vs. primiparous females (those giving birth once) of similar age. Multiparous moms also had more liver inflammation.