2013 Press Releases

  • For Obese Teen Girls, Aerobic Exercise May Trump Resistance Training

    Released November 7 2013 - New findings suggest that for teen girls, aerobic exercise might be superior to resistance exercise for cutting health risks associated with obesity. Study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism.
  • Drug Reduces Fat by Blocking Blood Vessels

    Released April 23, 2013 - Researchers have long known that cancerous tumors grow collections of abnormal blood cells, the fuel that feeds this disease and keeps it growing. Now, new evidence in an animal model suggests that blood vessels in the fat tissue of obese individuals could provide the same purpose—and could provide the key to a new way for people to lose weight.
  • Indiana University Associate Professor Earns Henry Pickering Bowditch Award

    Released April 21, 2013 - Johnathan D. Tune will present the American Physiological Society’s Henry Pickering Bowditch Award Lecture on April 21, 2013 during the Society’s 126th annual meeting. Dr. Tune is being recognized for his work on the mechanisms that connect obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. His lecture is entitled, “Translational Insight Into Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow."
  • Program Highlights from Upcoming Meeting, American Physiological Society

    Released March 18, 2013 - The APS’s 126th annual meeting offers more than 2,700 programmed abstracts and dozens of symposia. Program highlights include the Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Lecture, and presentations on eating disorders, human brain function, sex-based differences in exercise metabolism, and understanding emerging concepts about the pathology of diabetes and obesity. The meeting will be held April 20-24, 2013 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, Mass.
  • Short on Time? Aerobic, Not Resistance, Exercise is Best Bet For Weight- and Fat Loss

    Released January 2, 2013 - Balancing time commitments against health benefits, aerobic training appears to be optimal mode of exercise for reducing fat- and body mass, while a program including resistance training is needed for increasing lean mass in middle-aged, overweight/obese individuals.