2007 Press Releases

  • Estrogen Deficiency Can Lead To Obesity-Induced Hight BP After Menopause

    Released August 8, 2007 - At menopause, women lose hormone protection against heart (cardiovascular) and kidney diseases, and are likely to become obese. A research team has tested the idea that estrogen deficiency in aged females may trigger the development of high blood pressure and obesity. The results of their study, using an animal model, suggest that estrogen depletion can have these effects.
  • Hormone That Signals We Are Full When Eating Also Curbs Fast Food Consumption And Tendency To Binge Eat

    Released June 7, 2007 - The synthetic form of a hormone previously found to produce a feeling of fullness when eating and reduce body weight, also may help curb binge eating and the desire to eat high-fat foods and sweets. The findings on fast food consumption and binge eating tendencies are based on a 6-week research study of 88 obese individuals.
  • Study Identifies ‘Pre-Obese’ Children, Based On Activity Levels

    Released April 30, 2007 - In a three-year longitudinal study of 41 children, researchers identified “pre-obese” children who did not have excess body fat and were not overweight.
  • Your Brain And Hormones May Conspire To Make You Fat

    Released April 30, 2007 - Physiologists are unraveling the role that hormones and the brain play in urging you to eat more than you should. Some people’s hormones may be signaling their brains to send messages like “Eat a lot now,” and “Go for the fat and sugar.”