Henry Cuthbert Bazett

22nd APS President (1950)
Henry Cuthbert Bazett

Henry Cuthbert Bazett served as president of the Society for less than three months. After assuming office on 20 April 1950, he died tragically on 11 July 1950 about ship en route to the International Physiological Congress in Copenhagen.

Born in Gravesend, England, Bazett obtained his education at Oxford (B.A., 1908; M.B., 1911; B.Ch., 1911; M.S., 1913; and M.D., 1919). After service as a medical officer in the British Army during World War I, he accepted a professorship in physiology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1921. He held this position until his untimely death in 1950. Bazett's scientific work was largely concerned with temperature control, circulation, and blood volume. He contributed greatly to the study of circulation in humans by using catheterization, and he had the reputation of serving himself as the first subject on new and potentially hazardous experimental techniques.

Before assuming the presidency of APS, Bazett served as president elect for one year and as a member of Council for the previous two years. His service to APS also included eight years on the Board of Publication Trustees (1936-44). While on the Council and as president elect he contributed much to the formation of IUPS and was to be a delegate to the congress to which the proposed constitution was presented. As chairman of the APS Committee on Scientific Aid he was responsible for providing much-needed books and equipment to the war-depleted physiology laboratories of Europe.

Selected Publications

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