Luis Gabriel Navar

71st APS President (1998-1999)
Luis Gabriel Navar
(b. 1941)

L. Gabriel (Gabby) Navar was born in El Paso, Texas, in 1941. He received a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University in 1962 and his Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Mississippi in 1966. Navar continued his postdoctoral training at the University of Mississippi from 1966 to 1969. He was appointed assistant professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1967 and was promoted to associate professor in 1971. He then moved to Duke University from 1972 to 1973 and then was hired at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1974. He was promoted to professor and senior scientist at UAB in 1976. He then accepted the chairmanship of the Department of Physiology at Tulane University School of Medicine in 1988 where he currently remains.

Within the APS Navar has been active in five different sections: Renal, Water and Electrolyte Homeostasis, Teaching of Physiology, Cell and General Physiology, and Cardiovascular Sections. Committee membership has included the Program Advisory and Executive Committees and the Porter Physiology Development Committee. Navar served as Associate Editor for the American Journal of Physiology: Renal, Fluid and Electrolyte Physiology. He was elected to Council and served from 1991 to 1994.

Navar has also been active in other organizations. He was a member of the IUPS Renal Commission. Navar has served as chairman of two FASEB summer conferences, one in 1989 and one in 1992, as well as being on the FASEB Conference Advisory Committee (1995-97). He continues to be active in the American Heart Association, the American and International Societies of Nephrology, AAAS, the American and International Societies of Hypertension, ACDP (President, 1996), and the Microcirculatory Society. Navar has served on the editorial boards of Kidney International, Hypertension (Associate Editor, 1994), Kidney, and Clinical Science.

Navar has been a member of several review groups: NIH Pathology Study Section and Ad Hoc Review Committees, the VA Merit Review Board, American Heart Association's Cardio-Renal (Chairman, 1994) and Research Committee review groups, and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Review Committee B.

Navar has received numerous awards including a Research Career Development Award (1974-79), National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute MERIT Award (1988-97), AAAS Fellow (1996), and the Renal Section's Gottschalk Distinguished Lectureship (1997).

Navar notes:
"We are entering a remarkably exciting period during which physiologists will share the main responsibility for integrating the many discoveries made possible by modern research approaches. An important goal is to position APS so that it represents and serves the entire physiological constituency. We should foster inclusiveness and embrace all levels of functional biology ranging from molecular mechanisms to integrative functions of the intact organism. We must encourage programs that support the training of physiologists so that there will be physiologically oriented investigators and educators in the next century. Our most formidable challenge is to sponsor imaginative meetings, conferences, journals and educational programs that are responsive to the needs of our emerging constituency. Working together, we can ensure that APS provides the best opportunities for dynamic discourse on the most exciting developments in the physiological sciences."