Louis N. Katz

30th APS President (1957-1958)
Louis N. Katz

Louis Katz assumed office in July 1957 after serving on Council for six years, the last as president elect. Born in Poland in 1897, he arrived in the United States in 1900. His education was at Western Reserve University (A.B., 1918; M.D., 1921; and M.A. in medicine, 1923). He received a National Research Council Fellowship in 1924 to work with A. V. Hill in London. He then served in the physiology program at Western Reserve until 1930, when he was appointed director of the Cardiovascular Research Department (designated the Cardiovascular Institute in 1941) of the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. Concomitantly he held professorial appointments in physiology at the University of Chicago from 1930 to 1969.

Elected to APS in 1924, Katz served on the Membership Advisory Committee (1952-54; chairman, 1953-54) and was chairman of the Program Advisory Committee (1954-57). During his term as president of APS, Katz was responsible for establishing the Bowditch Lecture with sufficient financial support to continue it for several years. He was especially interested in the organizational and financial stability of the Society; he initiated the Operational Guide (a handbook of Society procedures supplementing the constitution and bylaws), clarified committee responsibilities, and worked to bolster the General Operating Fund of the Society. After his presidency, Katz served on the Finance Committee (1962-65), which he chaired for a year (1964- 65).

Widely respected for his contributions to the physiology of the heart and clinical cardiology (over 500 papers in journals), Katz played leading roles in the American Heart Association and in a large number of national and international organizations devoted to the heart and circulation. He became director emeritus of the Cardiovascular Institute in 1967 and remained active in study and writing until his death in 1973.

Selected Publications

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