The History of Physiology

  • America’s First Physiologist, William Beaumont, M.D.

    The chance meeting of a fur trader who suffered a gunshot wound in 1822, and William Beaumont, M.D., the Army physician who treated him, led to the research that today allows us to understand how the digestive system works.
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  • Denis Jourdanet: Discoverer of Altitude Sickness

    We've known for more than a century that low blood oxygen causes altitude sickness. Read about Denis Jourdanet, who should be credited with discovering it.
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  • History of the American Physiological Society

    The American Physiological Society was founded in 1887 with 28 members. Today, the Society counts some 11,000 members, most of whom hold doctoral degrees in medicine, physiology or other health professions. Our work, then, as now, was to support research, education, and circulation of information in the physiological sciences.
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  • Milestones in Physiology

  • Timeline of Physiology - General

    This timeline begins in the 18th century with the first American to employ the practical application of physiology and concludes with the 2012 Nobel Prize discovery for the mechanism that regulates cell growth, division and death.