2008 Press Releases

  • Hypertension Develops Early, Silently, In African American Men

    Released November 17, 2008 - Young and healthy African American men have higher central blood pressure and their blood vessels are stiffer compared to their white counterparts, signs that the African American men are developing hypertension early and with little outward sign, according to a new study. While the study found that central blood pressure was higher in the African American men, the study found no difference in brachial blood pressure between the two groups. Taken together, the findings suggest that hypertension may be developing undetected in young African American men and that measuring central blood pressure may be a better means of detecting the problem as it develops.
  • New Study Finds Uncontrollable Stress Worsens Symptoms Of Endometriosis

    Released April 7, 2008 - A new study investigating the relationship between stress and the painful symptoms of endometriosis offers, for the first time, evidence of the negative consequences of stress in the progression of endometriosis, most likely through an effect on the immune system.
  • Backpack Straps Can Decrease Blood Flow In The Shoulder And Arm

    Released April 7, 2008 - A team of physician researchers examined the effect heavy-loaded backpack straps can have on children. They found the straps can significantly increase pressure when the load is ten percent or more. Strap pressures with loads as small as ten percent of bodyweight can obstruct localized blood flow and contribute to shoulder fatigue.