The Endocrine System

Feeling stressed, moody, or happy? Tired, thirsty, or hungry? While these feelings seem to move effortlessly in and out of your life, they are actually the result of your endocrine system manufacturing chemical messengers, called hormones, which stimulate biological reactions in your cells. Hormones are responsible for many bodily functions including emotions, responding to stress, stimulating growth, and controlling your sleeping and eating patterns.

Each hormone has a specific function and is released from a particular endocrine gland. The released hormone travels through your blood to exert its effects on specific cells. In this way, hormones direct the activities of your body like thirst, maturation, reproduction, and metabolism.

Hormones work together and coordinate with each other to keep you feeling “balanced”. This balancing act in the body is called “homeostasis.” The endocrine system is like a fine-tuned symphony, orchestrating the tempo of your life.