Facts About the Muscular System

    •   An important component of muscle is titin, the largest protein in
        your body which keeps actin and myosin close to each other.

    •   During the "fight-or-flight" response, so-called smooth muscle
        adjusts your blood flow away from resting functions while your
        brain, heart, and skeletal muscles get more blood to ready you
        for an imminent attack.

    •   An eye doctor dilates your eyes with a drug that relaxes the
        muscles around your pupils.

    •   Advertisements for exercise machines claiming that fat will
        be turned into muscle are untrue. Fat and muscles are made
        up of completely different cells that cannot be turned into one another.

    •   Muscles produce body heat, an important physiological function.

    •   Your muscles make up your muscular system, which allows you to move, it aids in posture, and it  
        sustains life.