2013 Press Releases

  • Vitamin C Could Ease Muscle Fatigue in COPD Patients

    Released November 7, 2013 - New findings show IV infusions of vitamin C can improve skeletal muscle fatigue in COPD patients, further implicating the role of oxidative stress in the skeletal muscle problems that accompany the disease.
  • When it Comes to the Good Cholesterol, Fitness Trumps Weight

    Released October 9, 2013 - New findings suggest that maintaining a “healthy” weight isn’t as important for healthy cholesterol function as being active by regularly performing strength training. Study is published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.
  • Piano Fingers: How Players Strike Keys Depends on How Muscles Are Used

    Released August 9, 2013 - Researchers have long been aware of a phenomenon in speech called coarticulation, in which certain sounds are produced differently depending on the sounds that come before or after them. A new study suggests that piano paying also involves coarticulation, with hand muscle contractions differing depending on the sequence of notes played.
  • Why Hard Drinking is Harder on the Body with Age

    Released June 21, 2013 - Alcohol abuse could be even more dangerous for the elderly than for younger adults. A new study in rats suggests that heavy, chronic drinking accelerates the normal muscle loss that comes with aging.