The Renal System

The kidneys play a role in the transport of blood, nutrients, salt and water throughout your body, while also removing waste that it no longer needs. How can this fast-paced fluid receive a good cleaning to avoid waste buildup or clogging? Your blood’s housekeeping is done through your renal system where your kidneys filter out by-products and chemicals that you no longer need, and excrete them into your urine. Never wasteful, your kidneys also reabsorb water, sugars, and salts back into your body.

Your kidney’s cleansing duties may not seem glamorous, but people with damaged kidneys who rely on dialysis to mechanically purify their blood can tell you how sluggish they feel after just a day or two without the cleansing. In addition, your kidneys make sure that the blood and body fluids have the right "balance" of ingredients by sensing the levels of salt and water. Because of these characteristics, the kidneys are a powerful regulator of blood pressure. Your renal system’s essential regulation system keeps you running like a smooth engine.