2011 Press Releases

  • Exercise Before and During Early Pregnancy Boosts Key Proteins

    Released October 14, 2011 - New study suggests that exercise before conception and in the early stages of pregnancy may protect a mother-to-be by stimulating the expression of two proteins thought to play a role in blood vessel health.
  • Key Found to Next Generation’s Disease

    Released June 13, 2011 - Texas researchers have produced the strongest evidence yet that vulnerability to type 2 diabetes can begin in the womb, providing insight into the mechanisms of the disease that has reached epidemic proportions.
  • Maternal Stress During Pregnancy May Affect Child's Obesity

    Released April 12, 2011 - An animal study conducted at the University of Minnesota and Georgetown University suggests that a mother's nutritional or psychological stress during pregnancy and lactation may create a signature on her child's genes that put the child at increased risk for obesity later in life, especially if the child is female.