2015 Press Releases

  • Study Links Environmental and Lifestyle Factors to Reproductive Problems, Infertility in Men

    Released December 10, 2015 - Environmental and lifestyle factors are damaging men’s reproductive health and may be playing a large role in decreasing fertility rates in industrialized countries, a new study in Physiological Reviews reports. Socioeconomic influences and female reproductive health cannot solely be blamed for higher incidences of infertility, the study supports.
  • New Biomarker Predicts Development of Preeclampsia at Six Weeks of Pregnancy

    Released November 20, 2015 - Preeclampsia is generally diagnosed later in pregnancy, but new research reports that the protein copeptin can predict the development of preeclampsia as early as six weeks of gestation. The findings could lead to diagnosis of the disorder in the first trimester, improving care and potentially leading to the development of preventative measures.
  • Children Born to Women after Bariatric Surgery at Higher Risk of Obesity, Diabetes

    Released November 19, 2015 - Weight-loss surgery can boost fertility in women and reduce the risk of pregnancy complications that commonly occur in obese women. However, a new study in rats suggests that weight-loss surgery alters mothers’ hormone and chemical balance, which harms offspring during gestation and later in life.